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As an integral part of the IoT solutions, Energy IoT designs and implements the Cloud Platform to store and process the sensed data either in a private cloud/on-premise server or on a third-party server located in a data center.  The Cloud Platform allows users and enterprises with various computing capabilities and real-time operational access from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and workstations.


The basic components of our Cloud Platform include:


  • Data acquisition module for collecting the data and passing them to store in the database.

  • Database module for storing the data in structured and/or unstructured formats with querying functions.

  • Processing module for processing the data with the sets of rules and criteria.

  • Analytics module for performing data analysis for decision support and prediction.

  • Dashboards for data visualization in graphical formats.

  • Web and mobile application module for user access and operation from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and workstations.​

Examples of Dashboards running on Cloud Platform (Agnov8)

In addition to the self-developed Cloud Platform our IoT solutions, through Meshlium gateway, can easily be implemented on Libelium-partnered third party cloud platforms.